Are you afflicted with any form of hepatitis? Do you have anyone who is a victim of this ailment and is seeking immediate remedy? Below is how i was able to fight Hepatitis B despite my negligence and ignorance.



“Doctors Predicted I Would Die With Fatty liver And Hepatitis B.
But with a little effort I made To my greatest surprise
I Reversed My Fatty Liver and Hepatitis B Easily, Permanently & In Just Few Weeks.
I’ll Show You!”

My brother also used this same Discover to Remedy His Hepatitis B

This is the most effective and curative solution for those diagnosed with fatty liver disease and any type of Hepatitis.

It has helped more than 13,694 Nigerians.


 So, if you value your health, I’d suggest that you take a few moments to answer the following questions:·

  • Are you diagnosed of Hepatitis? ·
  • Do you often feel tired or weak? ·
  • Do you ever feel nauseous or suffer from a loss of appetite? ·
  • Does your skin or the whites of your eyes appear yellowish in color? ·
  • Do you binge drink, or drink alcohol on a regular basis? ·
  • Have you noticed a patchy, dark skin discoloration, usually on the neck or underarm area? ·
  • Do you ever suffer from abdominal pains and cramping? ·

If yes, I would advice you spend some minutes to go through this articles. Hepatitis is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis B virus which could be easily contracted from a victim through contact of body fluids, either through sexual contact, blood contact or even saliva. It could also be contracted if by chance a person consumes the waste passed out from a carrier. Slight contact with these fluids can transmit the disease. If not treated with caution, this hepatitis virus would gradually grow into a more severe state which is know as the Hepatitis B. This is the state which results in scarring of the liver, abnormal functionality of the liver and in due time, liver cancer. These symptoms would only show after the hepatitis A has developed into hepatitis B and I’ve had my own share of it.

In my case, I didn’t believe I could be a victim of hepatitis because I thought it could only be contracted from living recklessly because I quite knew a little about it. Little did I know that a slight contact with the disease could change my life permanently. This is to enlighten about the fact that hepatitis could be contracted in several ways.
I started feeling pains around the upper area of my stomach not consistently though but I felt it was just a slight ache from work.  At 32 and working with a Television Station (name withheld) as an Editor.  I had reasons to always sit for long hours so I assumed it was just a random pain. My greatest regret was not going for immediate checkup. About a 2 Months later or thereabout of the stomach pains it started taking me up to 40 minutes to get up from the bed because of the pain around my stomach area. I could not carry out simple activities like cleaning the house or even bathing myself. For about a week of the reoccurring pain, it suddenly went away. This was the first stage of hepatitis which I didn’t know about. Other symptoms were pains around my joints and loss of appetite. I could not eat solid nor liquid. I started becoming very lean and I threw up every little thing I managed to eat or drink thinking it was malaria I was taking treatments for Malaria and typhoid. I know the discomfort that comes with having to bear the pain of urinating. This made me even avoids drinking water.

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After the early stages of severe pain and loss of appetite, I started vomiting and feeling fatigued even after long hours of rest. I immediately went to the physician around my neighborhood because my doctor wasn’t accessible at that point in time.  This was another mistake I wish I didn’t make because I was slowly killing myself. The physician told me it was probably food poisoning and gave me some bottles of water to use. These bottles included pain relievers which I took morning, afternoon and night. I was also given gastric juice which I took morning and night. Even after this, I didn’t see any improvements.  I still continued using the water then later started visiting hospitals.
I was referred from one hospital to another before I was told i’m living with hepatitis A. I was given another set of tablets which were supposed to manage it well. I kept using these capsules day and night and thought I would be cured.
About a month after, I woke up one morning and knew all was not well. I looked into the mirror and saw that my eyes were yellow and my face was covered with rashes. I was able to drag myself to hospital for immediate check up. The doctor broke the news of hepatitis B and recommend an immediate operation on my liver because a large portion of it had injuries. This meant I was close to having liver cancer. My case of hepatitis must have been caused by contaminated water. The tricky thing about hepatitis B is you’d only start experiencing full symptoms after about 21 days after the virus must have fully developed from hepatitis A.
Through all this I kept working which turned out to be the best decision I ever made. So one afternoon I was tired of working and I wanted to relax by listening to the radio and there came my Solution. As I started listening and I heard it was about liver I just paid close attention to it and noted the number down. At first I felt the price of the Supposed treatment was outrageous but the thinking of the money I’ve wasted and the thought of me getting operated I thought to myself that what’s not to risk there so I put a call through and placed an order

I got the delivery the second day and after 1-2 weeks of consistent use, I saw changes huge changes. I used the dosages as I was directed to. I was able to urinate easily and my appetite gradually came back but I slept a lot even in the office the sleeping was bad. Though It was able to replenish my body with supplements that helped heal the wounds on my liver. I didn’t know how it worked but I felt really good after a long while the cost of the treatment was worth it because it worked like wonders.
I was advised to go back for thorough check up to ensure I was cured of the ailment. The doctor took samples of my urine, saliva and blood. After conducting test after test, I was able to conquer hepatitis B.

That is why I am introducing this to you today for you to benefit from what I too have benefited from taking a risk. I’m quite comfortable right now I don’t really need any money or gain from it. This is from a Chinese company called Norland and I can assure you it works with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

That is why I am introducing this drugs to you today for you to benefit from what I too have benefited from taking a risk and it has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Few Testimonies From People That Have Used This Medication:

Testimony 1

“We began using GI Vital capsules with the Hypoglycemic capsule the 1st of October, 2018. Here it is almost the first of January, 2019 and I am here to tell that it is working, it worked for me and my wife. We were told we would need surgeries but with GI Vital, we didn’t need any surgery. Also, to my surprise, I’m also, being treated for Macular Degeneration and I am now able to see better with my right eye and it is getting better very quickly. I haven’t done anything differently in diet or lifestyle so I have come to the conclusion that it is the Hepatitis Remedy. Thank You.”

Darlington Nkwocha – Lagos

Testimony 2

“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B in 2014. Though Since then I’ve been on several medications which none turned out to be effective. Then I heard of the Hepatitis Curative Drugs. I took the complete treatment, 2 bottles of GI Vital capsules and 4 bottles of the Hypoglycemic Herbal for 2 months and the hepatitis virus was eradicated and my Liver was completely restored. After that everything was better and I haven’t gotten another medication for Hepatitis. I am now Hepatitis free and all of the difficulties and symptoms I went through are over. Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful product with me.”

Lawan Abdullahi – Kano

Testimony 3

“Even though I was reluctant to buy this product immediately because of fear and doubts, I eventually did and it worked for me. My hepatitis B has been cured permanently and I was tested negative. I conducted the test severally after completing the medication and all test results read negative. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, just give it a trial. You’re almost there

Prof. Issa – Kwara State

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Norland Herbal Capsule And GI Vital Capsule



Manufactured By: Norland Industrial Limited (American-China Based Pharmaceutical Company).

Here’s what This GI Vital and hypoglycemic  Herbal Capsules Can Do To Help You:

GI Vital (GastroInestinal Capsule) and the Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsule work hand in hand to Cure Liver Problems:
  • They Cure Any Type of Hepatitis
  • They Reveres the Effects of Hepatitis in that Body 
  • Cures Fatty Liver
  • It Averts any Chance of Liver Cancer
  • It Averts Cirr hosis and Reverts its Effects
  • It Cures Ulcer
  • Reduces Blood Sugar
  • Helps Blood Pressure

This Product is approved by NAFDAC!


  • Time-tested, proven and all-natural ways to PREVENT & REVERSE the 3 main categories of Fatty Liver Disease: Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD), Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatisis (NASH).
  • The perfect LIVER-CLEANSING DETOX guaranteed to give your liver the care and attention it needs to recover and thrive, and dramatically improve your health and well being.

“Don’t Just Treat the Symptoms…
Fix the Cause!”


 1 Month Treatment


1 bottle of Norland Healthway Herbal & 1 bottle of GI Vital

N50,000 Naira

(Instead of the normal N60,000)

2 Months Treatment



2 bottles of Norland Healthway Herbal & 2 bottles of GI Vital

N85,000 Naira

(Instead of the normal N120,000)

3 Months Treatment


3 bottles of Norland Healthway Herbal & 3 bottles of GI Vital

N115,000 Naira

(Instead of the normal N180,000)

NOTE: The duration of treatment you are to use depends on the level of severity of your hepatitis

Complete Treatment : The two months treatment is the most recommended treatment but in case of chronic hepatitis three months treatment is most preferred.

How to get the GI Vital and Hypoglycemic Herbal Capsules

To get the GI Vital and Hypoglycemic Herbal you will need to place an order for it
Send the Following Information via SMS or WhatsApp to 08129354135  
  • Your Name
  • Your Full Delivery Address
  • Specify The Number Of Bottle(s) You Are Ordering + The Product Name
  • Your Choice Of Date Of Delivery
  • Phone Number Of The Recipient 
  • Your Email Address (Optional)
Example Of The SMS 
Mrs Lillian Anu
2,Assunah Street Oke-Odo Ilorin
2 bottles of GI Vital and 4 bottles of Hypoglycemic Herbal




If you have any question or clarification before you order,call me with the number:


NOTE: Deliveries take a maximum of 24 hrs depending on your location. All orders placed on Sundays will be delivered on Monday.
NOTE: Payment is made at the point of delivery. Please do not place an order if you are not ready to pay and receive your product within the next 1 or 2 days.


The dosage is 1 GI Vital capsule and 1 Hypoglycemic Herbal capsules in the morning after meal and another 1 GI Vital capsule and 1 Hypoglycemic Herbal capsules in the evening after meal.

You would also receive an SMS of the dosage and prescription as soon as you get the delivery



 You can place your order easily and Pay as you Confirm the Products. 

NOTE: Your address MUST include your State and should be detailed enough to make it traceable by the courier agent that will come around to deliver to you.
Our agent will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you. Please do respond to our SMS as soon as you receive it.

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